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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Excel : Why This Kolaveri Di_embed shockwave flash object

Within excel worksheet you can play videos


  1. Go to developer tab
  2.  On the control group click on insert
  3. Then click on more control (icon like hammer)
  4. You will get More control box ; Select shockwave flash object & click ok
  5. You will get cross sign (+) drag it on excel sheet & select the area for video
  6.  Right click on square
  7. Then select properties
  8. Enter the full path to the Shockwave file (SWF) in the Movie property text-box. (e.g "C:\Users\MAHESH\Desktop\Download\Why This Kolaveri Di\Why This Kolaveri Di.swf")
  9. Set the EmbedMovie property to True


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